About the job

We are looking for a strong team of 2-3 carpenters working in Denmark.  You are a very experienced carpenter working both inside and outside.  We expect that you have about 2-3 yr. experience as professional  carpenter within last 10 years and want to work aboard.


-          Able to build a floor and work with parquet

-          Able to build walls of wood and plaster and work with insolation

-          Able to montage windows, doors and frames around

-          Able to handle hand tools and protect it as your own

-          Very focused on quality and make clients satisfied

-          Potential team leader for 2-3 co-workers and able to manage the building place

-          Speak UK or German on level 3 (1-5)

-          Have driving license

-          Drinking not accepted

We want to build a long terms relationship with you because we have a lot of very interesting jobs with in this field.


What we offer

We offer a very interesting job with the opportunity to earn a lot of money. Your salary will be based on qualifications and we pay a very high rate. You can expect to earn gross 25 – 30.000 DKK monthly (gross PLN 14-17.000 monthly) You may work 50-60 hours per week and normally you work three weeks and one week off.

We also talk care of residential and offer you your own room in Denmark. You pay a minor fee for this room.

If you bring your own tools, salary will be even higher but this is not a demand. 

We help with transport to/from Denmark on a weekly basis  

Rainer.dk S.M.B.A.

Kongelysvej 11
5000 Odense C
CVR: DK 32 26 03 57
Salgsafdelingen: +45 22 30 42 58
E-mail: vikar@rainer.dk


Księcia Bogusława X 45/8
70-440 Szczecin
NIP: PL 852 243 64 85
CVR: DK 12 33 41 25
Rekruttering: +48 791 364 050
E-mail: job@rainer.dk