Ocieplenie budynku / Building insulation

We are surging for 4 workers in the Copenhagen area.
People are being sought to the warming of the building. The materials used are wool and polystyrene.

Work area:

Copenhagen/Sealand in Denmark

Work period:

From now (01.12.2016) and for 1 month. Our bus is driving to Denmark Friday the 21st at 09.30 am.

Job qualification:
English – 2 people must speak good English – necessary
Able to work physical – necessary

Min. 6 month experience
Good team worker
No smokers at the work area
None alcohol drinker at the work area
No criminal record


NO smoking in the work area, living facilities or company car
NO alcohol in the work area, living facilities or company car

Nice house nearby the work area
Cost per person incl. all expenses: DKK 1.500,00 and DKK 3.000,00 after Christmas (Normal price in Denmark is app. 6.000,00 DKK)

02.12.2016: Over driver will drive you to Copenhagen.
Price: DKK 500,00

Salary per hour:
DKK 110,0 before tax.

Expected salary after cost of living and transport:
App. 200 hours per month in average
DKK 110 x 200 hours:           DKK 21.000,00
8% Job-related tax:              DKK 1.840,00
36% income tax:                  DKK 4.737,60
Monthly reduction: Est.:       DKK 8.000,00
Net income:                         DKK 16.422,40
Rent:                                   DKK 1.500,-
Transport:                            DKK 500,00,-
Net income:                         DKK 14.422,40
In Polish PLN (0,57):             PLN 7.220,77

Extra before tax:
Holiday money (12,5%): DKK 2.8755,00 or 1.638,75 PLN extra per month. The holiday money is paid after 1st of May the year after. Extra hours are possible but depend on the weekly orders

Our company:

Tobovej 60
5690 Tommerup
CVR: DK 32 26 03 57

Phone: +48 791364050 or +48 609 80 60 08 (English, German or Danish).

Application and CV have to be send to:


Title: Job in Copenhagen: “and write your full name”.

Job interview will be in our office in Szczecin

Rainer.dk S.M.B.A.

Kongelysvej 11
5000 Odense C
CVR: DK 32 26 03 57
Salgsafdelingen: +45 22 30 42 58
E-mail: vikar@rainer.dk


Księcia Bogusława X 45/8
70-440 Szczecin
NIP: PL 852 243 64 85
CVR: DK 12 33 41 25
Rekruttering: +48 791 364 050
E-mail: job@rainer.dk